CS5 has added one step to their shortcut hold all 4 keys down
--- hold down at same time to insert image

Collage/montage template Instructions for Elements

Open Elements and select and open one of the Jibz Montages.
Go to your layers pallet…
you will notice that  montage storyboards have many layers.

 Press "W" on your keyboard to get you magic wand, Set your Tolerance to 32---check Anti-alias---check Contiguous uncheck Sample all layers.   Match your Magic Wand settings on your top bar to the image below.

Template help for elements

Now grab your Magic Wand tool and click on the first window on the template you opened.
You will see what looks like the marching ants around the inside of the window opening showing it has been selected and is now ready to have an image inserted (If there's no marching ants start over)

When you are ready to insert student pictures into the storyboard the process is very easy we like to use shortcuts to speed up the process.
1. Open a student’s picture.
2. Looking a your keyboard hold down "CTRL" & "A” both at the same time (to select all)

3. Now hold down "CTRL" & "C" both at the same time (to copy the image)

4. On your keyboard hold down all at the same time (CTRL& shift & V) and the image pops into the box.

5. Now hold down "CTRL & T" both at the same time to transform the image.

6. With your mouse, grab onto one of the little boxes on your images and move the box till the image is the correct dimension.

I know this seems long  but after you do this 2 or 3 times it will only take seconds to complete a storyboard.

If you have questions  please feel free to email me .