Terms Of Use Jibz Photoshop actions and products including templates may only be used to insert your photos and sell as a finished printed copy to your clients, they may not be listed in ANY WAY on any online marketplace including, but not limited to eBay, Amazon or Etsy. You may post the finished designs for display only on your social networking pages provided a credit to www.actions4photographers.com is given. Jibz layered PSD templates MAY NOT be resold or redistributed in any way. Jibz Digital products may not be resold.

Q- Do you offer refunds?
A- Since our products are intangible goods that are digitally delivered, we do not offer refunds. Please review each product and ask any questions you might have prior to purchase.

Q - I purchased many of your actions but find some are not working correctly in CS6 what gives?
A - To use all of our actions in CS6 you may occasionally need to use our FREE action fix Download it here!

This results from this action will preserve the layers and rename the layer to an unlocked Background layer.

Q - I downloaded the product files and saved them on my desktop in the folder I created called Jibz Actions like you said to do, but when I search with Photoshop I cant find the contents?
A- All downloads are saved in Zip folders. You need to unzip all the contents.
You can download a free evaluation trial of Winzip for Pc's.
Mac's come with a built-in Zip program.

Q- How do you unzip a file?
A - Double click on the zip folder you downloaded and your zip software will ask you were you want to put the unzipped contents, choose the Jibz Actions folder you created earlier.
Look for sub-folders that also need to be unzipped.

A - How do I get the actions into Photoshop?
A- After you unzip all files double click on any file that ends in .atn
A window will pop open and ask which program you want to open the file with, choose Photoshop and the
actions will be in your action pallet.

Q- Will Jibz actions work in Adobe Elements?
A- Unfortunately not all Jibz Photoshop actions are compatible with Elements.
We offer one set for Elements at this time.

Q- How about your templates will they work with Elements
A- Absolutely! Jibz templates are fully compatible with Elements

Q- Will Jibz templates work with GIMP?
A- We have been notified that they are compatible but...tests have not been performed to guarantee the compatibility.
Also, we can not offer any advice or knowledge of the workings of GIMP! Jibz will not offer refunds if Gimp compatibility
questions arise. Only purchase products for Gimp if you understand how the program works.

Q- I see most of Jibz Photoshop actions are not compatible with any version of Elements.
I decided to buy them and find out for myself. I see you were correct they are not compatible with Elements.
Can I Please have a refund?
A- Since our products are intangible goods that are digitally delivered, we do not offer refunds.
Please review each product and ask any questions you might have prior to purchase

Q- How long will I be able to download my purchase
A- Send a copy of your receipt and we will send a copy of your purchase for up to 6 month from the date of purchase

Q- I purchased Jibz Baby Planners storyboards but I cant load them into my Photoshop action folder.
A- The storyboards and Grunge border overlays are not actions they are PSD files. Which are much like a jpeg files but with layers. You open a PSD file like you would open a picture in Photoshop. Go to "File-Open" go to the file where you saved the storyboards and open the storyboard or grunge border overlay into Photoshop and load the pictures you want into the storyboard template.

Q- My customer wants a different size storyboard than your kit comes with?

A - All storyboards can be re-sized to an equal dimension but smaller or larger. Resize before you insert pictures.

Q- Can I purchase a backup copy of my download?
A- Yes! When you check out you will see an option to buy your purchase on disc.
The cost is a additional $9.99 S&H for each program.

Q- Do you have tutorials?
A- Yes!Please follow this linkJibz Tutorials
Q-Why am I still reading the FAQ?A -I don't know! You should buy all of Jibz products now!. ;-) Questions



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