Jibz Digital Photoshop Photo Mats

Digital photo mats drag on and print
35 custom Photoshop photo mats
Digital Photo Mats

Insert an image into one of the
35 digital mats to create a more
profitable finished product. 
Loads of styles and sizes

Jibz photo mats are easy
to customize.

Charge colors, textures
and more.

Designed for all Photoshop
& Elements versions.

Photo Mats overlays
Includes: 35 textured photo mats with openings

Each photo mat is easy to edit 300 dpi,
PSD files PC and Mac compatible.

Hi-Res PSD photo mats
5 mats with openings for 5x7 size image
9 mats with opening for 8x10 size
4 mats with opening for 14x11 size
7 mats with opening for 20x10 size
6 mats with opening for 20x16 size
4 mats with opening for 20x20 size
Index sheets for quick identification.
Detailed instructions

Receive the entire package listed on this page instantly after checkout.
You also will receive an e-mail with a private download link and instructions.

Add Back Up CD - Keep a Physical Copy of Your Product for just US $10.
Shipping & handling fees included.
Designed for all versions of Photoshop.
All include instant download

Designed for all versions of Elements.
All include instant download

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