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How to draw straight lines
There are other ways to draw a straight line than using the line tool. After this tip, you may find your need to reach for the line tool reduced, in fact this may even break your addiction. While using any of the drawing tools; Brushes, Pencil, Dodge and Burn, Eraser, Blur, Sharpen and Smudge holding down the shift key will cause you to draw in a perfectly straight line either vertical or horizontal. An added feature will let you create straight lines between points by clicking, hold down shift and click again anywhere to join the 2 points.

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Let Photoshop Do The Work In Curves
Let’s say you're using the Curves dialog for correcting images and you have an image where you’re trying to adjust the color of some green plants. How do you know where that particular green “lives” on the curve so you can dial in and adjust it? Photoshop can tell you—in fact, you can have Photoshop automatically plot that color on the curve for you. With the Curves dialog open, just Command-click (PC: Control-click) on that color within your image. Photoshop will then add a point to the curve that represents the spot you sampled, and now you're ready to tweak it. 

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Want A Finer Grid? You Got It!
If you've selected something within your Photoshop document and you want to copy-and-paste that item into its own separate document, don't worry about typing the Width and Height into Photoshop’s New document dialog. Photoshop automatically figures that you're going to paste that image into a new document, so when you open the New dialog, the exact size of your copied selection has already been entered for you, so just click OK, and then paste your image inside—it'll be a perfect fit.

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