Photoshop montage composite with oval openings.

Includes 20 templates, 35 adjustment mats & 25 backgrounds. 

Photoshop Photo collage templates for school or business

Includes 35 adjustment mats
Now you can change the overall dimensions of any template by simply inserting any template into a photo mat. Insert a completed template into any of the 35 digital mats to create a more profitable finished product.

 Insert finished template into mats for finished product.
25 Interchangeable backgrounds
Easily change the background with our custom backgrounds
Simply slide a new background in place or use your own. Change the background with custom backgrounds

This collection includes templates with openings for...
33, 36, 37, 46, 49, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 57, 87, 90, 92, 146 individuals..

Each include easy to edit layered names.
300 dpi, PSD files PC and Mac compatible.

20 Hi-Res PSD templates with oval openings
Groups from 33 to 146 people

20 -16x20 size

Index sheets for quick identification of each template.
1 free Photoshop "quick insert" action
2 fonts.

Receive the entire package listed on this page instantly after checkout. You will automatically be sent an e-mail including
a private download link and instructions.

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Shipping & handling fees included.

All options include instant download

Photoshop all version

All options include instant download

Elements all versions

student and business group montages

20 PSD Photo collage templates

Set 2 Oval
35 adjustment mats.
25 Background papers

Designed for:
*School classes
*Large or small business groups
*Student and daycare
*Dance teams
*Team composites
*Fraternity or Sorority composite
*Church directory montages.

Customize text font and background color.
Drop in team or school background logos.
Design elements can be toggled off.

Templates are easy to use.
Paste images in picture openings, edit the
text, save and print.

High resolution files make it easy to enlarge
to any relative size.
(best to enlarge to final size before inserting

Adjust for different size classes by simply
turning picture openings on or off.

Working knowledge of Photoshop is helpful.
Designed for Photoshop 7-current

"Fast and professional. Jibz provided a
quality custom template fast and at a great
price. Thanks" Dane Gabriel Photography


Quick Downloads!
Paste images in picture openings, edit the text, save and print.

 Q. Can I change the amount of photos on each template to equal the total students in each of my classes?
A. YES! Templates are fully layered so you can hide a few pictures or copy and paste to add a new picture.
Q. Are there layers for student names?
A. Yes! below each picture is an easily editable text layer for a student name. 
 Q. Can I change the size of the templates?
A. Yes! These are high resolution PSD files so as long as you keep a square template a square
      or a rectangle a rectangle you can change the overall dimensions such as changing a 20x20"
       to 2x2" or a 10x20" to a 20x40". 
      be sure to change the size of the template before inserting photos
or graphics
 Q. Is there a variety of sizes?
A. YES! Each kit includes a variety of sizes some include 10x20's, 16x20's, 20x20's, 20x24".
Q. Can you custom design a large or small composite montage storyboard to fit my exact needs?
 A.  After purchase of any one of our student montage sets you can request a quote to have a montage
      built to your exact specs (montage size and number of image openings and colors).
Please provide exact specs for a custom montage quote.

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