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Digital Photo Template Collections

How Do Templates Work?
Templates are predesigned layouts consisting of photo boxes, text layers, backgrounds or logo that enable you to quickly create a collage and customize it with your own photos and text—you simply copy and paste your photos into existing photo boxes and type text into existing text layers. Change background colors add logos etc... Templates can be used as is or as a starting point when designing your final collage.

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Photoshop digital template storyboard collections

Baby Templates

6 Baby planners and baby template collections
Six baby template sets

Baby Planners 1
Baby Planners 2
Baby Time
Essential Baby
Buttons & Bows
Baby Posh
Senior Templates

5 senior template sets
7 Senior template sets

Artist Series
Rad Pack FX
Cut Graph X
Senior Essentials
Designer Series
Purple Crush

Group Montages

6 class & group montage sets
10 Group Montage sets

Class composites 1
Class composites 2
Class composites 3
Class composites 4
Class composites 5
Class composites 6
Big class 7
Big class 8
Oval composites 1
Oval composites 2

Sports Templates

Sports templates
Sports template sets

Sports templates

Holiday templates

Christmas Templates and cards
5 Holiday sets

Valentine Set
Christmas Storyboards 1
Christmas Storyboards 2
Christmas Cards 1
Christmas Cards 2
Wedding Sets

Two Wedding sets
5 Wedding sets

Torn Flower
Timeless Blue Album
Posh Panels
Graphic Wedding Album Grunge Heart Album

Pet Templates

Pet Templates
Pet Template set
Pet templates

Children Montages

2 Children montage collections
2 Children Montage sets

Children's montage set 1
Children's montage set 2


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