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Photography business plan

Baby Plan Marketing Made Easy.

How to operate a profitable studio and MAKE MONEY, step by step instructions and posing guides.

Reach out to your newborn target market with this cleverly designed marketing kit!

   How to run a profitable studio in these hard times.
Why do marketing kits these days only consist of pretty letter heads & matching envelopes!

They never really give you the nuts and bolts on how to operate your business and make PROFIT!

This kit will show you how to make a profit and bring in customers!

The Stages plan comes with all the steps to becoming a educated and profitable photographer!

Letter heads are nice but if you have no idea what to do with them... what's the point?

The Stages marketing kit is complete and perfect for your start-up or existing studio.

It's an easy start up, marketing plan designed to bring you new customers each month.

Here's the key to the great success of the Stages plan!

An Amazing Sales Letter!

You can't show your potential customers what a great photographer you are
unless you can get them in-front of your camera!
Am I correct?

The Stages marketing kit includes everything you will need to start your business the correct way!

This amazing sales letter really brings in the new clients!
It's unique and has been tested and proven to be very effective at bringing new and repeat customers!.
Would you like to make money photographing babies and children?
What will I get?

The Baby Plan Marketing kit includes:

* The Stages handbook - This e-booklet will walk you through the Stages marketing plan
   and answer all your questions.

* The Stages sales letter - This is the heart and soul of the plan.
   This amazing sales letter has been tested and really brings the customers in!
   Easy to edit, just change the studios name and add your pictures and mail.

* Telephone transcript - You'll be ready when the phone rings.

* Stages Posing book - jammed with over 120 poses parents just LOVE!
   You get sample poses from the 3 month session 6,9 & 12 month session.
   Plus we include mommy and me and family poses that customers eat up.

* Stages First year digital photo panel (just insert pictures and print)
   The Stages BP kit includes everything you'll need to start your own Baby photography program
   including an invitation to a great company that will supply names for your newborn mailings.

Complete detailed instructions on how to operate a profitable baby plan

See what photographers are saying about this all inclusive studio marketing plan.
"Thanks so much for the Stages Baby Plan it has made our studio a lot of money!
The entire system has been amazing. Thanks so much for the success we are seeing!"

"The customer sales letter made it so easy to get my baby plan up and running and the tons of great poses
in the posing book made me feel confident that I would know what poses to shoot during each of the sessions.
Thanks" Nikki B.


Includes Jibz easy load Stages first year 11 x 14 hi-res PSD template.
Just i
nsert customers first year baby pictures and send it to the printer. Just that easy!

Complete detailed instructions on how to operate a profitable baby plan

"Thank you so much! Jibz Baby Plan has been a life saver for my photography business and I am having so much fun!" - Kellie

Receive the entire package listed on this page instantly after checkout.
You will automatically be sent an e-mail including a private download link and instructions.

Get this full amazing plan and save $40.00 now!

Wouldn't it be nice to invest in a marketing kit and learn how to make a good living with your photography?

You will have all of steps to making more cash with your photography. .
This is all you will need to get your studio on the road to more profit and success.

The everyday price is just $139.99
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Photographers marketing plan-baby plan
Options are nice!

Good:   Choose the digital download.
Add a back up disc plus free digital download.

Best:     Add a backup disc plus full color paper copies of all files
           including: Stages posing booklets, sales letter, telephone transcript Stages handbook and more.

           PLUS you still can download right now!

Include a Back Up CD - Keep a Physical Copy of Your Product
Shipping & handling fees included.

Direct download or disc in the mail

Storyboards are created for all versions of Photoshop and Elements.
The "actions" in this kit are designed for Photoshop 7-CS6.
Photoshop actions may not be compatible with Elements.

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