Glamour & Grunge 80 Pro Photoshop action kit

Jibz Glamour and grunge Photoshop actions Includes 80 actions and 2 free gifts
Jibz Photoshop actions for Photoshop
80 Pro Photoshop actions
Includes 2 free gifts,
Free Gift #1
24 Jibz Lightroom presets
Free Gift #2
Jibz posing & lighting diagrams

80 powerful seductive
Photoshop actions

Designed for:
*Glamour photographers

This action set includes so many hot actions...
*Eye and dental actions - Whiten teeth and eyes in a few seconds with this action.
*Glamour skin - Run this action to get the fashion magazine look.
*Pencil Drawing actions - Create beautiful pencil drawings of your customers with this one step action.
*Weight watcher - Lose 10 LBS slimming action - Run this action on your senior girls and watch their mouths drop!
*Workflow actions - Always useful in a busy studio.
*Cross processed actions - Finally X-processed action that don't turn your customers skin blue!
*Create an edge -This one action will create an awesome grunge edge frame with name for wallets.
*Lens baby - Don't spend a fortune on a lens when this one action can give the same results.
*Gritty grunge - Get that awesome classic film look.
*Sharpening actions - Actions that leave you images with no halos and perfectly adjustable sharpness.
*Pop the Skin - Get that little extra saturation and pop to make your image a classic.
*Perfect Sepia - Some sepia actions leave your skin tone yellow or sick green but this is the one perfect sepia.
*300 - This action gives you that muted dull tones of the classic 300 movie.
*Dirty and grungy and hot!
*Black & white action collection - A collection of B&W actions that will cover all of your needs.
*Chocolate - Need I say more? This is a sweet action with rich soft tones... a must!
*Vignette actions - Your image is not complete until you darkening the edges and bring attention to the center.
*Punch-it - BAM! this is what this action does to your image it brings a dull portrait to life.
*Soft 'N Bright - A must for baby images for that sweet innocent angel look. A little soft a little glow!
*Sugar & Cream -  This action can change the way your images look and give your studio a trademark look.
*Bright Skin - This action should be called Fix my image and make it great... That's how sweet the results are.

There are so many wonderful actions in this kit... but more important they are useful and everyday actions. Designed for all versions of Photoshop
Not for Elements

Jibz Glamour and grunge Photoshop actions
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Designed for all versions of Photoshop.
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